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February 17, 2016

Our mission here at Wee Rascals is to bring faces of real people who have done amazing things to children's lives, showing them there is more to aspire to than Bat Man or Elsa. People who have come before us, fought hard and broken barriers so we can live in the world we live in today. We feel that children need more than mainstream media allows them and we are breathing this into children’s fashion. But, let us not forget the unsung heroes that work hard day in and day out without one. single. break….moms. Over the next several weeks we will be spotlighting Moms. Because, just having that title makes you a hero! We are so excited to bring your our next mom, Judith from Judith Kester. Without further ado....

Name: Judith Kester

Blog: Judith Kester 

Most embarrassing Mom moment: When I lactated through my dress--at the sound of a baby's cry (not my baby)--in front of a group of people! 

Dream job, if money didn't matter: Travel blogger!

Hero: Mother Teresa. 



Motherhood changes the scenery of your heart and mind. 
The moment you become a mama you're overwhelmed with a dictionary of emotions! Concern, fear, excitement, and even: hope. 
I'm always hoping!
I hope my kids remain safe and healthy. I hope they always feel loved. I hope they achieve their dreams. And I hope they always have good men and women they can look up to; men and women who inspire them to walk tall and be the very best people they can be. 
I hope their lives are touched by real life heroes and heroines; because truth be told: it does take a village. It takes a village of good, kind, and involved individuals. It takes a village of people willing to sharpen and push each other. 
It takes teachers, coaches, mentors, neighbors, family, and friends!
Our children's lives will inevitably be influenced by those who cross their path. So it's up to each of us to not only positively influence the lives of our own children, but of each others children.
Today my sincerest hope is that we take our roles as members of this global village a little more seriously. 
Let's be real life heroes and heroines. Let's lead by example. Let's make sure the children in our communities witness acts of kindness. Let's make sure they witness hard work, compassion, creativity, and generosity. 
Let's step up our game and acknowledge the long term consequences of our actions and attitude. 
Heroic things can happen every day if we act like heroes. 
Let's do it for the kids! 
Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.
Gerald Way

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