Meet Us

Hello there!  
Wee Rascals was started in 2013, born out of a desire to empower children with tales of true heroism, and to spark their curiosity and connect them with their own possibilities. We wanted to give our own children more options for clothing than we saw in the sea of superheroes and princesses. We wanted them to see real faces and hear stories of courage, perseverance and selfless dedication that has led to the betterment of humankind. We wanted to spark curiosity within our own children and yours, and prompt conversations that matter. 

We aren't just t-shirts, we are a movement! Each child holds his or her own greatness and we aim to help them connect to their own greatness through inspiring stories, real people and YOU!! Our goal is to be an empowering resource for anyone looking for a different perspective on raising kids beyond "good jobs" and into rewarding lives that they love! 
A little more about us...
We live on a (small) farm outside Boulder, Colorado. We wake up every day so honored to have this unique and inspiring opportunity to learn from the witty, strong, smart, Wee community. It’s so much more than t-shirts - it’s about heroes, hope, standing up for all the things we believe in, and looking fashionable while doing it. ⁣⠀