every tee gives back...

At Wee Rascals, we believe in giving back in any way that we can and helping to change as many lives as possible. With your help, a portion of EVERY tee sold will be donated to a charity.
Save the Children- Early Steps to School Success:
All children are born ready to learn, but for 15 million children living in poverty in America, they enter school unready to succeed. The best way to ensure all children have a fair chance at a brighter future is to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow early on. The Early Steps to School Success program lays a critical foundation of language and literacy skills for children from birth to age 5, so they can enter school ready to succeed. To learn more click here
Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation:
 This foundation's mission serve's as the dynamic personification of Dr. Maya Angelou's philanthropic legacy and lifelong mission to support educational excellence and healthcare equity initiatives for all. To learn more click here.
Malala Fund:
With more than 130 million girls out of school today, the Malala Fund is breaking down barriers that hold girls back and is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. To learn more click here.