March 06, 2017

Our daughters need real heroes. The kind of hero that will not be silenced by their society. The kind of hero that shows the world they will not stand for anything less than equal treatment. Our daughters need to see real, powerful women of the past to show them who they can become and what they can do to change the world.

This need for strong, female heroes has nothing to do with a political party, the newly elected president, the woman who lost or the party she represents. This need comes from our society; the same society that pays men more than women, that silences and shames victims of sexual assault, that has been openly accepting of hate rhetoric and fear mongering. This need for women heroes is not to train the next generation of man haters but to show our children who they can become and teach them to fight for what is right. To teach them that is has always been the dream of the women of history that our nation is one of equal treatment and acceptance.

Our daughters need to see that women have always fought the good fight and they need to know that women do not plan to stop if inequalities continue to exist. They need to know that Abigail Adams was leading peaceful protests through clothing while America was declaring its independence. They need to know that Sacagawea was leading an expedition of men at a time when society thought women too fragile a creature to own land or vote. They need to know Harriet Tubman was one of the most wanted women by law enforcement because she believed in equality and put her life on the line to provide freedom to her brothers and sisters.

This International Women’s Day represent the women who got us here. Who took the first step to show our daughters what we can do and taught us to have a voice. Let our history of always putting up the good fight guide their fashion choices. Let real female heroes teach them about all the women we hope they become. Let our history guide our girls. Give our daughters real, lady heroes. The future is female, after all.

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