April 04, 2018

We sent these amazing recommendations out in our last newsletter (Are you subscriber? We send out awesomeness! ) You all loved it so we thought we would share here. Check it out and shoot us an email with what you are reading, loving and eating these days! We always love hearing from you! 

What's in our ear: 
Atomic Moms  Learn & LAUGH, Ellie is so fun to listen to...Tune in.
The Creative Empire Podcast A great way to start the day- inspiring & motivating entrepreneurs, Christina & Reina. 

Can't get enough of these:
Favorite Chia Pudding recipe Your NEW breakfast has arrived.
Cherry Blossom Cocktail  These ladies know how to cocktail, also serious Easter table envy.

What moves us:
11 yr. old Naomi's speech: Get Kleenex ready!
Aaptiv: Best workout app going...we're still sweating!

Got our nose in these pages:
Your Story is Your Power: Major shifts in perspective...you've been warned!
The Girl Who Drank the Moon: Just started this with our kiddos and we are loving it.

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