April 17, 2017

We LOVE Earth Day!!! There's just something about Spring, dirty toes and fresh air that is so freeing for the spirit.  This year we wanted to give you and your kiddos some great Earth inspiration from 2 mamas that know! Read on....
My name is Tara. I live in Austin, TX with my sweet 2 yr old son, Sonny, and my husband of 5 years, Jonathan. I have a background in bodywork and event design. My husband is a funk and soul DJ and a collector of vinyl. We've spent lots of years dancing together, and the dance parties only got better when Sonny came into our lives! Living in the live music Capital of the world, we venture out to lots of outdoor shows, visit museums and explore the greenbelts! We are a family that loves the water so we're always at some swim hole living it up! Barton springs is very dear to our hearts. 
My husband is super religious when it comes to recycling. We recycle every thing! If I ever slack on it and he finds out he gives me a good talking to. 🤗 we also grow food year round and compost everything we cut that doesn't get eaten. We use the compost to add nutrients to our soil for our garden. Right now we have spring leaf lettuce that we harvest every day for salads and tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers that are super close to ready! We just finished up the radishes, kale and Arugula! This next month we're getting solar panels installed to reduce our carbon footprint.
In celebration of earth day my dear friend, Amanda and I took Sonny on a nature walk. We collected clippings of a variety of plants. We took minimal flowers because we wanted to leave those for the bees. We ended up at a beautiful water hole where we had a picnic and played. 
This earth day project cost $7. My only purchase was air dry clay that I bought on Amazon. Super easy!!! I cut the clay in 6 squares and rolled them into balls. Then took the ball and squished it onto the clipping of our choosing. I took a tac and wrote earth day 2017 on the back of each one. 
Sonny had a lot of fun just poking and playing with the clay. It was a great activity for this little guy and think I that your little one would enjoy it also. 
My name is Korie. My husband Sergii and I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter, Myra. I am from Buffalo, NY and Sergii is originally from Ukraine. For some crazy reason we decided to move to Texas and are loving it here! I am a WAHM and my husband works in IT. We love all things Disney and traveling, whether it's internationally or just discovering our own city!
Some environmentally conscious things that we do are:
-Cloth diaper (it's good for the planet, saves money and the diapers are super cute!)
-Drive an electric car as our primary vehicle- it's a Nissan Leaf and we love it!
-I'm also adamant about recycling. It might not be as popular in Texas as I would like it to be, but that doesn't stop me!
One tip I have to keep "being green" relevant for the whole family is to encourage kids do things like not keep the water running while they brush their teeth. You can also make recycling fun by having pictures of recyclable items on your recycling container and have them match the appropriate items to the pictures, like a game!

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