September 15, 2016

When we first started we had no idea what we were doing, like most new business owners, right?!  We got A LOT advice from people about where we should start selling, how to start marketing, social name it!  People also kept telling us that we should go on Shark Tank which still makes me giggle! Actually, we still get that from time to time, but I digress.... Our first small, local show approached, so loaded and ready we set off to flaunt our adorable, unique tees!  Well....a few hours into the show we realized our customer was not at this show.  Not. at. all.  Lucky for us, my hysterical theater friend, Natalie was also showing her art so this made the show much more entertaining!  

All in all though, I would have felt really disappointed about the whole effort had it not been for a sweet 6ish year old boy.  At our booth, we had a cute canvas tent with a black + white Abe raglan lying on the side.  Walking the isle with his family, this cute little man runs up with his younger cousin and says..."Do you know who that is?"  He doesn't let his cousin answer (of course) and exclaims, "That's Abe Lincoln!"  You guys, you guys... I was stunned and I was so excited that this little boy was excited about Abe!  

Although from traditional perspectives this show wasn't a win, to us we felt so affirmed in our direction and excited about where this little company could go! I still think about that day and that little boy from time to time, and it gives me so much excitement!  Not that kids will just be excited about history, but will dive deeper into who these people are and will be inspired by their stories! It is our WHY and it continues today!

My best to you always, Kylie

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