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December 30, 2015

Our mission here at Wee Rascals is to bring faces of real people who have done amazing things to children's lives, showing them there is more to aspire to than Bat Man or Elsa. People who have come before us, fought hard and broken barriers so we can live in the world we live in today. We feel that children need more than mainstream media allows them and we are breathing this into children’s fashion. But, let us not forget the unsung heroes that work hard day in and day out without one. single. break….moms. Over the next several weeks we will be spotlighting Moms. Because, just having that title makes you a hero! We are so excited to bring your our first mom, Mandy from Mandy and Such. Without further ado....


Name:  Mandy McGregor
Children:  Three // ages 9, 5, and 3
Most embarrassing Mom moment:  If only I could narrow it down to one. . . ha!  I guess I would have to say I am constantly embarrassed by the amount of times they barge in on me while I'm using the bathroom.  Whether we're at Target and the stall comes flying open to the times when we have friends and family over at our house and just when I think I can catch a minute to run to the kids quickly remind me that their is no such thing as privacy.
If money didn’t matter, what is your dream job?  I would love to open a studio someday!  Filled with art classes and flower styling to photography, calligraphy, pottery, and everything in between.  I've always loved to create things and find so much beauty around me that this would really be a dream come true.  A place for people to come and create with me.
Who is your hero?  My parents.  Both are so drastically different but individually, they have taught me so much about life, love, marriage, family, faith, motherhood...and the list goes on.  A hero is someone that I look up to and want my children to look up to and my mom and dad are truly the best example of that.  I know that makes me really lucky and I'm incredibly grateful to have learned from the best.
Happy Holidays everyone!  We just wrapped up a big Christmas celebration at our house and now we are slowing winding things down and getting ready for a low key New Year's Eve at home with our kiddos. . .
Gone are the days of staying out past midnight in some uncomfortable dress & heels and then frantically searching for a cab ride home.  Truthfully, that just sounds too stressful and exhausting at this stage in my life.  That's why I'm so thankful that we spend our New Years at home, watching movies, playing board games and eating popcorn with our 3 kids.  However, just because we ring in the new year at home, doesn't mean we don't celebrate the occasion.  My friend owns a really cute Etsy shop Crush Occasions and makes pretty paper goods & party decorations like banners and cupcake toppers so this year she created some fun gold confetti style ones for us as well as a rosegold 'Pop, Fizz, Clink' banner to hang from our mantle.  Then we'll hunker down by the fire with a few board games (we love Bounce Off & Monopoly), my husband will make his famous popcorn and we'll ring in the new year together.  I also loved the idea of getting my kids each a new journal to start a new tradition.  I was planning to ask them a few questions from the past year (favorite family memory, favorite school activity...etc) and maybe set a few goals for the new year.  Nothing too fancy, just a fun way to get them journaling and putting some of their ideas on paper. 
And of course, it wouldn't be New Years Eve without a little sparkle so I picked up some sequin joggers for me and my 2 daughters to wear with our favorite Wee Rascals crew neck tops.  So festive and cozy for the evening.  
I'm really looking forward to 2016 and counting all of our blessings from 2015.  Happy New Year to all of you, wishing you health, love and happiness!
xoxo - mandy


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