October 16, 2017

Does anyone else have a kid that's not big on scary costumes?  One of my kiddos loves all things scary, and one isn't interested one bit.  Sometimes he isn't even sure he wants to dress up!  Our recent collaboration with Jessica from Opposite of Far is perfect for just that kind of kiddo.  
Our friend, Courtney from Sweeter Than Cupcakes Blog styled her two cuties: Tandy and Avery for a Fall shoot. And we couldn't love how the photos came out more! These masks are perfect for Halloween and beyond, not to mention they are so soft! No scratchy mask that they can't breathe in or hot flannel here. (Why do they send flannel costumes to Texas, anyway? Can someone please explain?!?!) 
Here's hoping you and your kiddos have a wonderful, not so scary, Halloween!

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